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Association of citizens “SUSRET” have been supported by several international donators. Collaboration with other local NGOs, state institutions, local government, scholar institutions, social support institutions and local government is very present in daily work of “SUSRET”.

“SUSRET” gather individuals – voluntaries who are supporting association’s activities.
“SUSRET” is the member of the international network of organizations.
“SUSRET” has good collaboration with media.



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Members of “SUSRET” have been presenting  their work on  local and international conferences:

12th    Congress of the European Association of Psychotherapy “European Identity and Psychotherapy “: paper presented within Leaders as a mirror of society - Elements of Psychodrama in Group Work with Traumatized Adolescents and Children without Parental Care (2004)

15th International congress of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy: Crossroads of Culture: Where Groups Converge, paper presented within Psychodrama state of art -ongoing symposium: Elements of Psychodrama in Group Work with Refugee Children and Traumatized Adolescents without Parental Care (2003)

Third World Congress of Psychotherapy organized by World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP), Vienna; lecture and workshop on Elements of Psychodrama in Psycho-social Support of Traumatized Adolescents Without Parental Care (2002)

International psychodrama conference Integration and   reconciliation, Igalo, SCG; paper presented
Use of Psychodrama Techniques in Group Work with Children without Parental Care (2001)



Psychology and Music: Music and Psychodrama in working with Children and Adolescents without Parental Care”, Pro Musica, Volume, Nov/ Dec 2000.
(Author B.Slavkovic)

Psychotherapies (book) published in Belgrade 2000
(Co-author Ivana Slavkovic)

Defence of Our Futurepublishedby OSCE in 2001
(Author Ivana Slavkovic)

Elements of Psychodrama in Psychosocial Support of Traumatized Adolescents without Parental Care published in psychodrama journal “Zeitschrift für Psychodrama und Soziometrie", Volume 1/2003.
(co-authors B. Slavkovic, I.Slavkovic)

 “SUSRET   recommends – Three Pictures: How to Use Small Group Work and Psychodrama Techniques in School Class, Educational Journal, issue December 2003.
(Author SUSRET’s Team)

„Child and Teacher in the NewSchoolManual for teachers and child care  workers, issued by SUSRET for participants of trainings in Reform of Education Program (2004).
(Authors Mr Irena Ristic, B. Slavkovic,  Mr Jelena Radosavljev, Ivana Slavkovic).

„Why Centre for Social Work staff need additional education
Author Ivana Slavkovic („From good Intentions to Good Practice“, Manual in the field of Domestic Violence issued by Autonomous Woman Centre)

“Group work with victims of torture”,
Torture in war – consequences and rehabilitation” (Co- Author) Dr Slavoljub Milojevic (issued by IAN, 2004)

“Group Psychotherapy - patient traumatized by torture and – oppressive mobilization”, (Consequences of Oppressive Mobilization refugees 1995), issued by  IAN, 2006 Co - Author Biljana  Djordjević

“Psychodrama” and “Use of psychodrama with refugees
co – author Biljana Djordjević
(“School of oppressive migration” , issued by IAN and Group 484), 2006.